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“We are inspired by our experiences in nature."

Our team members are extreme climbers with decades of experience. Our work is permeated with the harmony of the experiences experienced during the climbs.

Climbing and rock climbing is more than a passion for us - it is our life.

Through our products, we would like to share our knowledge and experience with others, so  that everyone can feel what it means to be a climber.

Tihanyi László – owner

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Hungary leading climbing wall builder and artificial grip manufacturer.

Thanks to domestic and international business successes, T-Rock Ltd. is now Hungary leading climbing wall builder and artificial grip manufacturer.

T-Rock Climbing Ltd. was founded in 2007 as a family business. Our goal is to reach an ever wider range of people with our products. We are all active climbers, inspired by our experiences in nature during our work. When designing and creating the shapes, we strive to ensure that our grips - in a stylized form - give back the experience of real rock.

Design and production are carried out in accordance with international standards. In addition to manufacturing custom artificial techniques designed by ourselves, we undertake the design and construction of climbing walls, to which our full range of services is connected, including the management and operation of climbing walls.


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