Climbing wall

Wall climbing has developed into a popular sport. Competitive climbing has become an Olympic sport. There are dozens of service providers on the market with different design and production quality requirements.

When designing climbing walls, the first aspect is the needs of users, what target group will use the wall, for example, an "adventure wall" for schools, children and young people has a completely different character than a professional structure, where climbing competitions will be organized and extreme paths will be built for training. The structure of the wall and the form of the mounted grips are always adapted to the quality of use. We like clean, clean shapes, and instead of monotonous artificial walls placed on the plane, we build diverse spatial forms where an exciting movement experience can be created.

Path making

The sports experience provided by a climbing wall is largely determined by the design of the established climbing paths and the quality of the equipped grips. The same wall can be challenging for both beginners and professionals, as long as the grips are installed by a professional. We undertake the construction of climbing paths and the organization and implementation of climbing programs.

A well-functioning, successful climbing wall can only be created if the design is correct from the beginning, in harmony with the design of the building and the climbing wall. The construction of climbing paths is the result of the coordinated work of a professional team. We manage design and production as well as road construction in one hand. We guarantee that we design the system according to the needs of the customer and the operator, and we provide ideas for expanding the needs.


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When designing, we aim to create a diverse wall structure, where we take into account that everyone can find the most ideal training opportunity according to their level of preparedness, keeping in mind the future development work. There are different paths with a diverse range of grip shapes to make climbing even more fun for everyone.



We provide our customers with the purchase and professional installation of insurance devices certified according to international standards at individual prices.


The operating staff of the climbing walls installed by us, we are professionally trained to ensure safe operation.


The climbing wall is TÜV Certified according to EN 12572. Features of the climbing wall:

Total climbing surface: 18 m2.
It has a crystalline panel system.
The floor area (space requirement) of the climbing wall is 8m2, which also includes
the safety foam mat surrounding the wall.
Total weight of the wall: 500 kg, self-supporting structure.
Maximum wall height to be built: 6 m.
The climbing wall can be climbed with rope insurance.
The two sides of the tower are rental advertising space. Size: 2*12 m2.
The tower-like climbing wall has 2 sides that can be climbed, equipped with 50 special T-Rock grips.

The rental price includes the organization of the event with two qualified trainers. Individual requests can be realized by prior arrangement.

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